(Yahoo!) - Amanda Bynes's mother is feeling hopeful.

Lynn Bynes, who is making medical and financial decisions for her daughter while she receives extended psychiatric care, is breaking her silence about the troubled star.

"Both my husband and I love Amanda very much and we know that she will get through this situation," the 66-year-old told People on Wednesday.

Amanda, who has been spiraling out of control for the last year, has been hospitalized since July 22 when she started a fire in a stranger's driveway in Los Angeles. The 27-year-old, who is now on an extended involuntary psychiatric hold, was recently transferred from UCLA Medical Center to a Malibu facility, where she is receiving ongoing treatment.

"Please know that neither myself or other family members have ever released any information regarding her treatment or diagnosis," Lynn said. "We truly believe in keeping our daughter's situation private for now."

She went on to say that many of the stories circulating about Amanda are untrue.

"I would really like everyone out there to know that almost 99 percent of the things written about my daughter in various media outlets are false or misleading," Lynn noted. "Unless it's a statement issued by our family attorney, Tamar Arminak, please take everything you read about Amanda with a grain of salt."

However, she does appreciate the positive messages that she and her family have received during this difficult time.

"We appreciate everyone's heartfelt support and we hope that she can get some privacy and the respect she deserves during this trying time," Lynn concluded.

It sounds like Amanda is in good hands.

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