Remember after the Super Bowl when we told you how some average Joe won a date with tennis hottie Genie Bouchard after she foolishly tweeted the Atlanta Falcons would win Super Bowl 51.

Yeah well after the Falcons blew a seemingly insurmountable third quarter 25-point lead, allowing 31 unanswered points, she didn’t back down on her word. 

Which is why Wednesday night the Canadian tennis star and now swimsuit model was sitting courtside at a Brooklyn Nets game alongside that fan even proudly tweeting a picture of the pair on the way to the game.

Well now it we know two things about the fan. 

One, his name John Goehrke.

And two, he is obviously an above average Joe—because she has actually said she would like to go out on another date with him.

Yup, Bouchard, who was in New York for ceremonies tied to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, told TMZ that she would “for sure” have a second date with Goehrke.

"He's normal. He's a normal man. ... It's complete luck. I'm so lucky."

Um—if she’s so lucky, they are going to have to invent a new word for what John Goehrke is.

Source: ESPN