Sinkhole Leads To Discovery Of Secret Room Underneath Garage


An Idaho family made a shocking discovery after a sinkhole collapsed part of their garage. Brittany Bush and her husband were jolted awake by a loud crash in the early morning hours of January 9th. The two thought somebody was breaking into their house, but after a quick inspection showed no damage or signs of a break-in, they went back to sleep. 

The next day, they realized what caused the loud crash, a sinkhole in their garage, which revealed something shocking, a secret room hidden beneath the floor. According to, Brittany discovered the sinkhole after nearly falling into it while opening her garage door:

As I was pushing the garage door up, my right foot was stepping into the garage and just kept going down. I was holding onto the garage door and looked down and just started screaming. I’m like, ‘Our whole garage is sunk down!'

The hidden room had shelves with children's toys, a woman's handbag, some hair curlers and a letter.

The family called their insurance company to inspect the damage, and to find out if their policy covered a sinkhole forming above a secret room. The engineer told the couple he was shocked that the garage had not caved in sooner, as the cement floor was just two inches thick. He told the family that there is the possibility of a second room hidden beneath the house. 

The hidden room does not appear on any city records and Bushes wonder what the purpose of the room was. The home was built in the 1950's, leading them to believe it was originally built as a bomb shelter. The engineer said that was unlikely based on how the room was built. He said the room "looks sketchy and is wondering what the backstory is.”

While the Bushes work to clean up the damage they hope that backstory does not involve anything illicit. The insurance company warned them they might find a dead body, and not to be alarmed if they do.

“They (the insurance provider and engineer) said don’t be alarmed if there is a body down there,” she said. “‘We hope there’s not but if there is stop what you’re doing and call the police.'”


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