New York Mets Pitcher Threatens Reporter In The Clubhouse Following Loss

New York Mets v Chicago Cubs

There was drama in the New York Mets clubhouse following a 5-3 loss to the Chicago Cubs. The Mets took a 3-2 lead into the bottom of the 8th inning, but Seth Lugo dumped the game, serving up a three-run to Javier Baez.

After the game, reporters questioned Mets manager Mickey Callaway during a tense back and forth over his handling of the bullpen, which has been a sore spot for the Mets all season.

As Newsday reporter Tim Healey was leaving for the night, he saw Callaway come out of his office and said, "See you tomorrow, Mickey." Callaway curtly responded: "Don't be a smart-ass."

Healey walked away as Callaway continued to curse at him. A few minutes later, the Mets manager confronted him again.

"I couldn't confidently tell you exactly what he said, but he said, 'You know we're going to be in a bad mood after a loss,' or something like that," Healey explained in an article on Newsday. "And I tried to tell him, I didn't mean anything by it. I was just saying I'll see you tomorrow. And then he said, 'Get this guy out of here,' and that got the attention of Jason Vargas."

Vargas walked over toward Healey and threatened to attack him if he didn't leave.

"He said, 'I'll knock you out right here' and then took a couple of steps toward me," Healey said. "Some people said charged — charged is super-strong."

Mets players Noah Syndergaard and Carlos Gomez, along with Mets media relations manager Ethan Wilson held Vargas back as Healey left the locker room.

"I was shocked, and at the same time trying to tell Vargas or Callaway or Ethan, 'Hey, I didn't mean anything by it,' which might have been interpreted as aggression on my part. I was in no way trying to be aggressive or antagonistic or anything. At that point in the day, I want to talk to Diaz and then leave, you know? What's the point in me trying to pick a fight?"

The Mets apologized for the incident and promised to deal with the matter internally. Mets owner Jeff Wilpon personally called Healey to apologize for what happened.

"Jeff Wilpon called me [Sunday, June 23] evening to apologize on behalf of the organization," Healey said. "He stressed the fact that I should feel comfortable being able to do my job at the ballpark and that moving forward, there's no reason for me to feel uncomfortable. I appreciated that sentiment from him, absolutely."

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